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Allan Cup Hockey Teams

What League Is the Allan Cup?

The Allan Cup Hockey uses an abbreviation ACH, and it’s Ontario’s senior top-tier league in ice hockey. Depending on the year, the competition gathers from three to six teams, and new organizations are welcome to join.

ACH consists of the preliminary league part and the playoffs. The winner gets the chance to play for the prestigious Allan Cup, a trophy awarded on a national level. It’s crucial not to confuse ACH with Allan Cup Hockey West. That competition takes place in Alberta, and it’s also a qualifying tournament for the AC trophy.

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The Allan Cup History

The competition’s history goes back to 1990, but its name was Southwestern Senior “A” Hockey League at the time. During these several decades, there were several name changes, including Major League Hockey and EOSHL. The current name was given in 2011, and the winner of the first Allan Cup final was Dundas Real McCoys.

When Was Allan Cup Hockey Created?

A crucial event for creating this competition occurred in 2008. That’s when MHL and the Eastern Ontario Hockey League made a merging decision after they both lacked sufficient teams. The competition was officially renamed Allan Cup Hockey in 2011. It was partially to clarify that the winner will play for the AC and to strengthen the competition’s brand.

Day of created The Allan Cup Hockey

Where Is the Championship Most Often Held?

ACH has a concept where the playoffs’ final requires winning multiple matches to lift the trophy. That’s why both teams get to play at least one game at home. It implies that the home team changes, which means games are played throughout Ontario. Fans of the visiting teams can often find online streaming to follow the matches.

Teams in ACH

The competition’s amateur status means the teams are frequently changing. Let’s take a look at the Allan Cup Hockey teams expected to play in the upcoming season:

  • Dundas Real McCoys – they’ve been in the league for two decades (founded in 2000). They have multiple trophies and are also famous as one of the Allan Cup champions from Ontario.
  • Hamilton Steelhawks – a fairly new team established in 2015. They didn’t have huge success so far.
  • Whitby Dunlops – the team was most successful from 2006 to 2008. Today, it’s on a leave of absence, and we’ll see whether they’ll come back.
  • Brantford Blast – established in 2000, this is another team with a long tradition. SC Generals merged with them a couple of years ago.
Teams in ACH

Caledon Crusaders is a team that’ll play next year in the ACH. That means there could be as many as five teams in the league, but everything will be revealed once they release the official schedule.

Best Former Teams

The teams are not professional, and they often come and go from the league. Here is a list of famous former teams in the ACH:

  • Stoney Creek Generals – a single look at their scores will tell you they won multiple trophies in a row. Unfortunately for the locals, SC relocated their franchise and merged with Brantford Blast.
  • Whitby Dunlops – they lifted the trophy on three occasions in the EOSHL before the merge but weren’t as successful after that.
  • Aylmer Blues – these are the first winner of the ACH when it used the name Major League Hockey.
  • Exeter Mohawks – a team famous for winning the first two titles in this competition’s history.
Best Former Teams

Allan Cup Hockey Winners

Unfortunately, the entire 2020/21 season has been canceled, so there’s no winner this year. Here is an overview of teams who previously won Allan Cup Hockey:

  • Stoney Creek Generals – 4 times (2016-2019)
  • Dundas Real McCoys – 2 times (2012, 2015)
  • Brantford Blast – 2 times (2013, 2014).

It’s worth noting that ACH also has multiple Allan Cup winners. These include:

  • Stoney Creek Generals (2018)
  • Dundas Real McCoys (2014)
  • Brantford Blast (2008).
Allan Cup Hockey Winners

Who Are the Allan Cup Hockey Fans?

You could say all hockey fans in Ontario are ACH fans. The biggest fans come from towns and places where there are active teams. However, you’ll find the entire province follows this league, especially since Canadians love ice hockey. It’s also interesting because this is an amateur league, so people often get to support their friends, neighbours, coworkers, and other people they know in the ACH.

Allan Cup Hockey Fans

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Popular Questions

Do you have more questions about the ACH? Here is some additional information about how the competition works!

💰 Do Players Get Paid in Allan Cup Hockey?

It depends on the club and the player. However, the semi-professional club status allows paying travel or gas money or reimbursing a team member for other expenses. The crucial thing to note is that there is no classic Allan Cup Hockey salary for the players.

⭐ Who Were the Best Hockey Players on the 1952 Allan Cup?

Those were the times of glory for Fort Frances Canadians. Ed Kryzanowski was the crucial player in defense, while the goalie Ray Frederick was also among the best team players. They both later played for Chicago Black Hawks, and Kryzanowski also wore the jersey of Boston Bruins in the NHL.

🏒 Is Allan Cup Hockey a Pro League?

No, it’s not a fully-professional league. Allan Cup Hockey League is an AAA competition. That means it is a semi-professional or amateur tournament, but it’s also a top tier competition in that category.